Yes, Dr. Marcie! I’m ready to become a leader in my family, overcome my child’s behavior challenges – and create a harmonious family life. Please enroll me in Dr. Marcie’s Behavior Boost.
Dr. Marcie’s Behavior Boost is a 6-week program to show you the step-by-step process to overcome your child’s most common – and disruptive – behavioral challenges. You’ll discover how to:
  •  Actually make it through homework without yelling and frustration.
  •  Stop being confused about your priorities related to your family — and instead gain clarity about your goals and how to build them into your daily life.
  •  Get out the door in the mornings without 32 reminders to your daughter to brush her teeth.
  •  Peaceful bedtimes where going to bed on time is the norm and not the exception.
  •  Create time with your small being to play go fish rather than having all of your time together consumed with tantrums.
  •  Face parenting challenges with concrete tools and confidence. 
  •  And much more!
Here's what's included in this 6-week program … so you can easily get started today:
     Each week will have a different focus:
  •  Boost 1: Morning Routine. Discover how to transform mayhem into structured action … and start your mornings with love and listening vs. stress and fighting.
  •  Boost 2: Goals for Your Family. Set goals for your family (perhaps for the first time ever) and then translate your goals into bite-sized, manageable actions you take consistently each day.
  •  Boost 3: Bedtime Routine. Say goodbye to endless requests and bedtimes that last for hours. We’ll create a simple routine that tells your small beings it’s time for sleep – and help you add hours of peace and quiet to your evening.
  •  Boost 4: Help with Chores + Homework. No more fighting when you give your kids directions. Discover how to make homework an automatic breeze – and how to guarantee happy cooperation when you ask for help around the house.
  •  Boost 5: Parent Frustration. Frustration is a normal part of parenting. Learn how to manage it and stay positive when emotions are running high. So you stay in control – and your kids feel secure and safe.
  •  Boost 6: Quality 1:1 Time. Quality time matters. Not only does it give you a chance to experience the joy and connection you want … it helps curb challenging behaviors. Learn how to fit it in – even when you already spend so much time with your small beings already.
Plus 3 Special Bonus Gifts…
Bonus #1 – 3 Keys to Change ALL Behavior (A $100 Value)

This 6-part video training program teaches the foundational tools that you’ll apply throughout the Behavior Boost. The 3 Keys are:
  •  Speak with Purpose 
  •  Do More - Actions count 
  •  Choose Honey - perspective is powerful

Bonus #2 – Weekly Interviews with Parenting Guest Experts (A $297 Value)

Each week, I’ll send you a new bonus interview with other parenting experts who will share their insights, knowledge and action-based tools with you. 

The list includes:
 Michael Ian Cedar who is a speaker and Legacy Coach who will share his best tips for how to start the day off right in your home.
Jackie Dolson Shewchuk, a Speech and Language Pathologist who travels around the world training other SLP’s and has a practice in New York City. She’ll talk about how to spend quality time with your family, what to do and how to make it a positive experience. 
 Denise Hopkins, a Yoga Instructor who will share ways to face your own frustration to enhance every day with your small beings and help you create the family of your dreams. Through specific Yoga methodology, Denise learned the skills she needed to let go of old disempowering behavior patterns. She found an inner strength, which birthed new confidence, passion and lots of feeling.

Bonus #3 – How to Get Your Partner On Board (A $100 Value)

You’re ready to dive in and do the work needed to get your mornings to be magical, clarify your parenting goals, and nurture a great relationship with your child. Getting your partner and other important adults (nanny, grandparents, etc.) on board is a critical piece to fast, easy and permanent success. This powerful training will help you all get on the same page and working toward the same vision of success. 

"The short amount of time it took for my husband and I to participate in the Behavior Boost made it easy to fit into our very busy schedules. The Boost not only positively changed my son's behavior, but my husband and I are definitely more conscious of putting our phones away and really being 100% mentally present when focusing on our kids during our quality one-on-one time."

~ Elizabeth, mom of 2 small beings
My 30-Day “Love-It-Or-Return-It” Guarantee

I wholeheartedly believe that Dr. Marcie’s Behavior Boost will help you solve your children’s biggest behavioral challenges, restore calm and order to your house, and boost the confidence and joy you feel as a parent. It’s the process that I’ve used to help thousands of families who have turned to me as a last resort – and I promise it will work for you, too.

If, after 30 full days of working with the material in Dr. Marcie’s Behavior Boost:
  •  You don’t start feeling more confident about your parenting choices
  •  You don’t notice improvements in your small being’s behavior
  •  You don’t enjoy parenting more
  •  You dislike the program for any reason

Here’s What Parents Are Saying…

"Whether we work on the day-to-day challenges of being a small being or bigger behavioral challenges, Dr. Marcie always makes it fun and productive."

~ Karen, mom of a 6-year-old, 3-year-old and 6-month-old

"Dr. Marcie definitely gave us practical, day-to-day strategies for how to deal with certain behavioral situations. But she also had a nuanced understanding of the specific cognitive issues we were dealing with, and addressed those issues in an extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and comprehensive way."

~ Sarah, mom of a 7-year-old small being
Total Value: $994
Your Investment: Get started today for 3 easy payments of just $97
or one quick payment of just $251saving you an additional $40
Yes, Dr. Marcie! I’m ready to take action! 
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Here’s What You’ll Receive:
  • 6 weekly video training modules:
  • Boost 1: Morning Routine
  • Boost 2: Goals for Your Family
  • Boost 3: Bedtime Routine
  • Boost 4: Help with Chores + Homework
  • Boost 5: Parent Frustration
  • Boost 6: Quality 1:1 Time
  • Bonus #1 – 3 Keys to Change ALL Behavior (A $100 Value)
  • Bonus #2 – Weekly Interviews with Parenting Guest Experts (A $297 Value)
  • Bonus #3 – How to Get Your Partner On Board (A $100 Value)